Summer Camp Registration Instruction

Step 1: Fill out the form online below and e-mail will be sent to your parent's e-mail

Step 2: Ask your parent to check his/her e-mail inbox for a form in PDF from us
* Important: if you do not receive an e-mail in 10 minutes, please fill out a form again

Step 3: Print the PDF form from your inbox and sign the registration from

Step 4: Write a check to your own parish
financial aid is available for a qualifying family)

Step 5: Submit the completed form to the parish representative.

Registration is
Thanks for your interest...

Please check with your parish contact if you'd like to join

For any question or inquiry, send e-mail to

 Parish       Representative
 San Jose  Paul Han (408-482-2422)
 Yoo Jin Nam  (408-512-4918)
 Raphael Ko
 San Francisco   Anna Yoo  (650-228-8107)
 Oakland  Contact church office
 Sacramento  Scholastica Chang   (916-367-3363)
 Tri-Valley  Paul Kim   (650-861-1513)
 Monterey  Contact church office